Trip to Pangkor

now it's time to enjoy
we're kirkbybytes went to pangkor island to do our coursework

pangkor islang is the best place to know about flora and fauna also recreation
I enjoy along our journey to teluk nipah

My group " Delta group"
We're really awesome
because we through all the problem together
although we have a small fighting
It not effect our group spirit
Almost all the activity we win..
That what we call  frienship spirit
This is the first time I had experience in rafting
It really tiring but enjoy
As the smallest member I must sat in the middle
while my group member work hard rafting
I will shout our group name
until I lost my voice
Even If my group member tired I will exchange place
so that we all can get the experience to rafting

Snorkelling is one of the new experience that I got in this trip
Before we go snorkelling we had to walk along the forest

I will miss pangkor Island

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